Environmental Fate

An extensive range of studies to help assess the fate of a chemical in the environment

Assessing the degradation and accumulation potential of products plays an important role in measuring their ability to persist in and damage the environment. The degradation of a test material by micro-organisms or by physico-chemical means can be measured. Bioaccumulation can be assessed by analytical techniques or by measuring the body burden following exposure of an organism to a chemical.

Correctly pairing a sample with a test method can mean the difference between a pass and a fail in a biodegradation test.  Chemex currently offer a range of Biodegradation test methods covering, but not restricted to, Ready Biodegradation (OECD 301A, B, D, E and F, 310 and Freshwater BODIS), Inherent Biodegradation (OECD 302B and CONCAWE), Anaerobic (ISO 11734) and Marine Biodegradation (OECD 306 and Marine BODIS).  All studies are conducted with GLP compliance.

Bioaccumulation potential forms part of a HOCNF submission.  Chemex has analysts who have been performing this essential test routinely for many years, in addition, we play an active role in EOSCA as an Associate Member, ensuring that our analytical techniques are current and fit for purpose.

Our HPLC capability and range of detectors (UV/Vis, RI, Fluorescence) enable us to give you comprehensive data for your material(s) and we have years of experience in dealing with ‘difficult’ samples.

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