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Chemex are a long established GLP Compliant laboratory based in UK, performing a range of studies including aquatic ecotoxicology, environmental fate and phys-chem tests along with a selection of terrestrial toxicology studies. We work for a broad international client base offering testing to both marine and freshwater organisms.  In addition, our Consultancy Group are on hand to assist with projects including laboratory auditing and training and have experience working in many countries around the globe.

  • Chemex GLP Compliant Laboratory and Consultancy Group located near Cambridge, UK

    <p>Chemex GLP Compliant Laboratory and Consultancy Group located near Cambridge, UK</p>

Over 30 years since its founding, Chemex remains dedicated to the same quality philosophies, which have driven the company’s success. The company has assembled a technically diverse staff, enabling us to develop and expand our Ecotoxicology services delivering timely reports to an ever-expanding international client base.

Chemex performs a range of aquatic toxicology studies to both Marine & Freshwater species and also offers terrestrial toxicology studies.  In addition, biodegradation and bioaccumulation studies and many other study types are available to fulfil international regulatory requirements. To compliment our toxicology studies Chemex has a comprehensive range of analytical instrumentation and expert analysts to enable confirmation of test substance concentrations throughout studies, where specified. Our GLP compliant facility near Cambridge, UK provides independent laboratory testing of the highest quality and excellent customer service to a diverse range of clients.

Chemex are one of the few UK laboratories that offer a wide range of marine studies suitable for OCNS (Offshore Chemicals Notification System)/HOCNF (Harmonised Offshore Chemicals Notification Format) purposes.  More cost effective screening methods are also available for initial evaluation of the most suitable chemicals/products to proceed with.

In addition, Chemex' multilingual Consultancy Group are able to assist with projects such as, Laboratory Auditing, Staff Training in various aspects of sampling or analysis techniques, off-shore sampling, production of Quality Plans and data review services.  Our team are on hand to assist with projects around the globe.

Chemex professional staff comprises skilled and experienced scientists, chemists, biologists and technicians with many years’ experience in ecotoxicology and analytical chemistry. We place a great deal of emphasis on training in order to maintain the highest levels of expertise, efficiency and GLP compliance.

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First rate GLP compliant ecotoxicology testing and associated analytical support is provided with the highest level of quality assurance to allow you the peace of mind that the data you receive fulfils your regulatory requirements.

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