Ecotoxicology is the study of the toxic effects of substances on the constituents of an ecosystem

Chemex Ecotoxicology laboratory has a history of providing accurate and reproducible data for regulatory submissions to many industries around the world at a competitive price.  Our experienced team of scientists are committed to providing a high quality service utilising the latest methods and techniques at our disposal.  Chemex is able to offer all studies with full Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance.

Chemex are one of the few UK laboratories that offer a wide range of marine studies suitable for OCNS (Offshore Chemicals Notification Scheme)/HOCNF (Harmonised Offshore Chemicals Notification Format) purposes.  More cost effective screening methods are also available for initial determination of the most suitable chemicals/products to proceed with.  Testing on Freshwater species is also routinely offered along with in-house analytical dose confirmation.

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