GLP Certification

What does GLP mean?

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is basically a set of principles that provide laboratories like Chemex and other organisations with a framework within which studies are:
- planned
- performed
- monitored
- recorded
- reported
 - and finally archived

The studies undertaken are generally used to provide data to assess the potential or likely hazards a new chemical or product may pose to any future users and to the environment.  This testing covers many different industries including; agrochemicals, industrial chemicals, biocides, pharmaceuticals and even cosmetics and food.  Although Chemex do not work in all these areas, the guidelines are there to cover the many different industries that may affect environmental ecosystems or human health.

Regulatory authorities are assured that when data from a GLP accredited facility is submitted that the data are an accurate reflection of the results obtained during the study.  As such, the data can be relied upon when making appropriate risk/safety assessments.

It is a regulatory requirement within the European Union and many other parts of the world, that studies undertaken to demonstrate the health or environmental safety or impact of new chemicals/products, should be conducted in compliance with the principles of GLP.

In the United Kingdom these requirements are contained within The Good Laboratory Practice Regulations, Statutory Instrument 1999 No 3106.
Chemex are routinely audited by the GLP Monitoring Authority (GLPMA) who are the body responsible for compliance monitoring inspections and implementation inspections of new facilities, etc. The GLPMA provide verification of adherence to the principles of Good Laboratory Practice.

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