Japanese Chemical Registration

Chemex works to Japanese standards and guidelines

  • International Regulations - Japanese Freshwater Testing

    <p>International Regulations - Japanese Freshwater Testing</p>
  • Freshwater fish species for Japanese regulatory testing

    <p>Freshwater fish species for Japanese regulatory testing</p>

In 2002 Chemex was approached by a Japanese Consultancy to form a strong working relationship where Japanese chemical producers would have testing for registration in Japan conducted at Chemex.  In the years that have followed Chemex have supplied aquatic toxicology data for many chemical registrations in Japan.

Working with Japanese companies has had a positive influence on all work conducted at Chemex.  The attention to detail that is expected for Japanese registration has been incorporated into all studies conducted by the Chemex ecotoxicology team.

The majority of tests conducted at Chemex for Japanese customers are Algal Growth Inhibition (Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata), Daphnia Acute Toxicity (Daphnia magna) and Fish Acute Toxicity (Cyprinus carpio).

Our representative in Japan keeps Chemex up to date with any changes in the local regulations and test guidelines so you can rest assured that any work conducted at Chemex will be acceptable to current requirements.

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Japanese Registrations

Chemex has an impressive history of supplying data for successfully registering chemicals in Japan, working closely with our representative and interpreter in Japan we provide high quality data whilst keeping cost to a minimum.

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