Algal Growth Inhibition (OECD 201)

Freshwater Algal Growth Inhibition Test (OECD 201, JMAFF, EC C3)

The Chemex preferred species for use in this freshwater algal growth inhibition study is Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata, although other species can be offered on request. This test guidelines for this study are OECD 201, Japanese MAFF & EC C3.

The growth inhibition test is performed semi-axenically (i.e. minimising contamination by other organisms) in glass flasks under controlled conditions.  Growth of the alga is determined by cell counting or spectrophotometry at 24-hour intervals for periods of exposure up to 96 hours. The data are used to determine the LC50 value for growth-rate. The highest no effect concentration (NOEC) is determined using appropriate statistical procedures.


If you are interested in the effects of your product on algal growth in the freshwater environment, Chemex are able to perform the OECD 201, JMAFF, EC C3 algal growth inhibition test to allow you to assess this.

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