Daphnia Acute Immobilisation (OECD 202)

Daphnia magna Acute Immobilisation Test - Static or Semi-static (OECD 202, JMAFF, EC C2, DTAPS)

Juveniles of the cladoceran crustacean Daphnia magna of less than 24 hours old are exposed to a range of concentrations of test substance or effluent in water. Daphnia are observed after 24 and 48 hours and the number immobilised in each vessel is recorded.

Results are expressed as EC50 values (concentrations causing 50% of the Daphnia to be immobilised) for 24 and 48 hours exposure.  Classification is based on the 48 hour EC50 figure. The maximum no effect concentration (NOEC) and minimum concentration resulting in significant (P >= 0.05) immobility (LOEC) are also reported.

This study can be performed under static or semi-static conditions and follows guidelines OECD 202, Japanese MAFF, EC C2 & DTAPS.


Observe the effects of your product on the immobilisation of the freshwater crustacean, Daphnia magna.

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