Laboratory consulting, benchmarking & evaluation

Chemex regularly perform laboratory audit and evaluation projects in the UK and overseas, for the purposes of assessment or improvement.

Chemex has a proven track record in providing laboratory outsourcing solutions on a global scale, with successful laboratory audit and evaluation projects completed for companies around the world, including major international oil companies.

Our multi-lingual team have many years' experience and regularly perform audits in the UK and overseas.  Facilities can be assessed according to national or international quality standards including GLP and ISO 17025. Our consultants can tailor the measurement and evaluation parameters for individual laboratory facilities to fit our clients' specific requirements and carry out the benchmarking process using reliable methods to evaluate the laboratory infrastructure and measure productivity, as appropriate.

The performance of each laboratory facility will be evaluated from initial supply chain to laboratory quality and performance.  In addition, efficiency, productivity and reliability are also key factors when making assessments.

Where required, improvement programmes are implemented, this may include remote support, site visits and follow up audits.

We believe the use of proven and reliable methods used in carrying out the benchmarking process allow our clients to make the right business decisions.

We are happy to consider any size commission from single laboratory audits through to international review programmes.

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Chemex provides Lab audit and improvement programmes to ensure that reliable and accurate data is generated from your internal or external laboratory service provider.

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