Soil Microbial Biomass

Soil Microbial Biomass (BS 7755 / Anderson Domsch - Fumigation/Extraction Method)

The measurement of soil microbial biomass is one of the most reliable procedures commonly used for a better comprehension of the nutrient cycle in soil. Among the methods available, the Chloroform Fumigation Extraction method (Vance et al, 1987) is more commonly used due to its simplicity and applicability for wide group of soils.

The microbial biomass carbon is determined as the difference between the fumigated and non-fumigated organic carbon contents multiplied by a proportionality factor. This factor comes from the work of Wu et al (1990) and Vance et al (1987) who determined a linear relationship between biomass carbon and extractable carbon due to fumigation.


Soil Microbial Biomass is generally used to to gain a better understanding of the nutrient cycle in soil.

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